pinky violence posters @ hyaena gallery

girl boss guerrila [1972]

hot spring geisha [1972]

erotic nun story [19??]

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angels of anarchy @ manchester art gallery

Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism

26 September 2009 – 10 January 2010

Manchester Art Gallery

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Tickets: £6 (concessions £4, free entry for under 18s and Manchester Art Gallery Friends) The first major exhibition of women artists and Surrealism to be held in Europe, Angels of Anarchy, opens this autumn at Manchester Art Gallery.

Featuring over 150 artworks by 32 women artists, the exhibition is a celebration of the crucial, but at the time not fully recognised, role that women artists have played within Surrealism. Paintings, prints, photographs, surreal objects and sculptures by well-known international artists including Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, Leonora Carrington and Lee Miller will be exhibited alongside works by artists less well-known in the UK, such as Emila Medková, Jane Graverol, Mimi Parent, Kay Sage and Francesca Woodman.

Manchester Art Gallery is the only venue for this exhibition, making it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the works of so many significant women artists displayed together, with many of the works on loan from international public and private collections. Angels of Anarchy includes some of the most important, radical (and sometimes still shocking) Surrealist works produced during the 20th century by women artists from across the globe, including artists from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. (from the press release)  

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julien pacaud

julien pacaud - scandale1scandale1

julien pacaud - portableforestportable forest

julien pacaud - half_past_midnighthalf past midnight

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herbert pfostl @ observatory

herbert pfostl


Opening: Saturday, November 21st at 7:00pm

Exhibition: November 21, 2009 – January 8, 2010
Gallery Hours:
Thursday and Friday 3-6pm
Saturday and Sunday 12-6pm <


Small paintings as parables of plants and animals and old stories of black robbers and white stags. Fragments on death like mirrors from a black sleep in the forests of fairy tales. All stories from the dust of the dead in fragments and footnotes like melodies of heartbreak and north and night and exploration–breakdowns. About saints with no promise of heaven and lost sailors forgotten and the terribly lonely bears. The unknown, the ugly – and the odd. Collected grand mistakes, noble errors from many sources. Sinking signals – conscious or not – sonatas and last letters and great insults. The impossible tears in landscapes of ocean or stranded whales. A going far back to coals and cruelties and sobbing like songs in whiskey and blood. Of soldiers’ last letters and all seven seas. With pirates and wars and prayers in holes in the ground. Of fallen women and orphaned children and drowned slaves and burned saints.

Herbert Pfostl is the author of Blind Pony Books and the Paper Graveyard, and is the buyer for the bookstore at New York’s New Museum… (continue reading here)


kris kuksi

kris kuksi - the beast of babylonthe beast of babylon

kris kuksi - a new divinitya new divinity

kris kuksi - 'A Rather Noble Cock'“a rather noble cock”

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andrzej klimowski

andrzej klimowski - bookoflaughter1the book of laughter 1

andrzej klimowski - bookoflaughter2the book of laughter 2

andrzej klimowski - captainpantoyacaptain pantoya

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adriana petit: from “volcano”

adriana petit - from 'volcano' serie3

adriana petit - from 'volcano' serie.2jpg

adriana petit - from 'volcano' serie

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